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NEW RELEASE! My latest mystery thriller is now live. You can read the first episode for free on Kindle Vella. Expect more content VERY soon.

The farming town of Cedarton, Nebraska, is home to many secrets and peculiar characters. Families and friendships will be tested once the truth of a terrible crime comes to light. Rumors and accusations will divide the quiet Midwestern community and cast suspicion on even the most innocent amongst them.

-TEASER ALERT- Written for fans of espionage, thrillers, and conspiracy theorists…

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Lila Andrews teaches Sadie Conway about being a member of Blooded society. The elder vampire isn’t pleased with taking on a new ward. Sadie is less than thrilled to be attached to a bitter and vicious creature who blames her for the loss of a shared lover.


Jeffrey Talbert is a veteran of the First World War and a grifter by nature. A chance at easy money backfires when he tries blackmailing a politician. He’s saved by a brooding troubleshooter and kindhearted magician. They reveal a hidden world of secret societies, monsters, and rival magicians. Jeffrey finds himself joining in on supernatural investigations but also questions his memories. What none of them realize is how closely their fates are connected and if they can outmaneuver the past.

Featured Works

Beyond the Levee and Other Ghostly Tales is now available!

Traces of the afterlife exist all around us. We are haunted by entities that linger and refuse to let go. Is it a need for relevance, revenge, or bittersweet regret which bind these pitiful spirits? Can they find peace? Do they deserve it? The ghost stories held within explore what happens when the unsettled reach out from Beyond the Levee.

Darling City is cursed by the fey to be forgotten. Rumors are whispered in speakeasies, lies are told in the darkest of alleys, but only a select few know what really happened the night Darling was taken from the world. Fairy tale beings mingle openly on the streets, mobsters desperately fight to hold onto their criminal empires, and the everyday citizens must accept the tragic, inevitable, and wondrous reality of magic.

Lost in Darling City: Tales of Magic, Mobsters and Monsters https://www.amazon.com/Lost-Darling-City-Mobsters-Monsters-ebook/dp/B0845N83KP/ref=sr_1_1?
In the vast expanse between Earth and Avalon there is a place where the fey watches all. Monsters awaken to the sound of a white bell with silver etchings, magicians and gangsters make desperate bargains, all while impatient ghosts linger on awaiting reunions. These are but a few of the stories held within.

Orbs of Avalon: Tales of Urban Magick and Horror https://www.amazon.com/dp/1791783546/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_YfkYDbDR7R5ZW
Ivy and Drew have become lost in Avalon. The siblings soon learn their grandmother’s fairy tales hold truths far more sinister than expected. As they find themselves straying further from home, they realize the only way back to reality is by accepting the help of a mad pariah hidden within a snow globe. Can Ivy and Drew escape from the dangers of this magical world in time to save their family from a terrible curse?

The Chalk Princess https://www.amazon.com/dp/1793378932/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_AhkYDb84GVKCD
The journey through Avalon has been difficult for the Bertrand Siblings. Ivy’s decision has led to the teenage girl into a trap. Can she find a way to accept her fate as a monster? What of her brother, Drew? How long can he outrun the various forces trying to catch him? What secrets will they both uncover about their family’s connection to Avalon and magic?

The Cerulean Sphere https://www.amazon.com/dp/1795661607/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_4hkYDbRTFWZK6


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Peter Talley, at various times in his life, has worked as a high school speech team coach, newspaper advertiser, hospital emergency manager, investigator, and funeral home assistant. Born in Ohio, grew up in Iowa, and spent the majority of his time working in Nebraska. He currently resides in Hartington with his wife and son. Peter enjoys writing short fiction and is busy at work on a series of urban fantasy novels.


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